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ZenLeaf Labs is a San Diego based company that specializes in creating disease-free and problem-free plants for the wholesale market. It is part of California’s vast and rapidly growing cannabis and hemp market and plays an integral role in helping this industry to expand and realize its true potential.

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ZenLeaf Labs has developed a process that allows for the creation of strong and viable young plants, helping hemp farmers to secure a consistent and reliable growth, as well as a high yield.

Hemp varietals can be banked using ZenLeaf Labs, with your plants returned to you when you need them. It can also clean plants, removing any genetic issues and bring them back up to par.

The company is currently overseen by Michael Boshart the President and Managing Director, while Richard Snow Jr. assumes a sales role.

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It’s hard to find much information on ZenLeaf Labs and its founders, but you can contact the company directly at Info@ZenLeafCa.com. You can also call 619-763-4901. 

The company has a LinkedIn page, through which you can speak with the sales advisor or with Mr. Boshart himself.  In the first instance, however, we recommend sending an email or calling during office hours.


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