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Yeti Farms is a Colorado-based hemp and cannabis company. It was founded by Shawn Honaker, who serves as the CEO, and produces a number of premium products, which it sells in dispensaries across the Centennial State, including a dozen stores in Denver and several more in Pueblo, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins.

Company Information

Shawn Honaker is the heart and soul of Yeti Farms—the founder, the innovator, the commander in chief. Shawn was raised in an agricultural community and devoted several years of his young life to launching Yeti Farms.

Colorado is definitely not short of hemp and cannabis farms, but most of these operate out of vast greenhouses, where the crops are grown under artificial lights and in carefully monitored soil and irrigation systems. Yeti Farms differs because all its plants are grown outside, where they thrive in Shawn’s proprietary soil and flourish under the Colorado sun. 

Through Yeti Farms, Shawn’s goal is to create industry-leading products, including its private-label Blonde Sugar.

Hemp and Cannabis Products

Yeti Farms’ best-known product is something called Blonde Sugar, which was launched back in 2015 and is described as “The best damn dab in the west”. It also sells cannabis clones and something it dubs, “Yummies”, which are edible gummies that are rich in quality cannabinoids.

Everything sold by Yeti Farms is grown organically and can be purchased in bulk from the company or in smaller quantities through a number of dispensaries statewide.

Yeti Farms also creates Shatter, Wax, and Live Resin from flowers provided by clients. These processing services are available for a no-nonsense fixed fee, with the client keeping every drop of the final product. Costs begin at just $5 per gram of and processing takes between 7 and 10 business days on average.

Ordering Information

As noted above, you can find Yeti Farms products in dispensaries. Use the Store Locator on the Yeti Farms website to find the nearest dispensary to you. 

Just bear in mind that this may not be updated all too regularly. Some of the website pages still quote information from 2016 and there’s a chance that the store locator is doing the same thing. If so, it’s long out of date, but you can also get more information from speaking with your local dispensary or contacting Yeti Farms directly.

Learn More

You can contact Shawn at, getting info on orders availability, pricing, and more, straight from the horse’s mouth. Alternatively, give Shawn a ring on 970 319 8404 or use the contact form here.


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