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Windham Farms is an LLC specializing in hemp genetics and breeding. Based in Southwest Colorado, the company’s goal is to produce the best hemp genetics and to improve agricultural knowledge across the United States. It sells 100% feminized seeds across several varietals, with high CBD, CBG, and CBC strains, all of which are backed by extensive testing.

The Windham Farms Team

Michael Fowler founded Windham Farms along with his wife, Aria. It was named after Michael’s grandfather, Johnnie Windham, who founded and operated a thriving farming business many decades ago. Johnnie Windham was one of the best farmers in the state of Mississippi, and his grandson aims to continue his legacy in the 21st century, utilizing over 4 decades of experience working with high-quality hemp genetics.

Michael Fowler currently serves as the president of Windham Farms, while his wife, Aria, is the company vice president.

Tests and Varietals

The products you purchase from Windham Farms are guaranteed to be clean and pure, a promise it can make thanks to its close association with some of Colorado’s best hemp and cannabis laboratories, including Aurum Labs, Medical Genomics, and Phylos Bioscience. Tests are conducted for cannabinoids, terpenes, purity, feminization, germination rates, pesticides, and weeds, and all of this information is available on the Windham Farms website.

All of the following hemp seed varietals are currently available to purchase from Windham Farms:

Canadian Dream

Reaching up to 7 feet tall, this 50/50 hybrid has a bushy structure that provides strong mold resistance and allows for growth in all environments. Canadian Dream produces rich and sticky flowers and it can hit 15% CBD in the field. It takes approximately 9 weeks to flower and has a 28:1 CBD to THC ratio.

Trump (T-1)

The T-1 varietal provides complete uniformity, with a short structure and rich flowers that produce up to 700 grams per plant. This Indica varietal takes approximately 8 weeks to flower, thrives in warm and cool climates, and has a decent mold resistance.

Windham Topaz

A 50/50 hybrid with thick branches and a flower production of up to 750 grams under ideal conditions. Although it is best suited to warm climates, Windham Topaz has good cold and mold resistance and can be grown in most states. An outdoor plant, Windham Topaz can be harvested in September/October.

Windham Sweet Grass

Sweet Grass has one of the highest CBD/THC ratios in the Windham Farms catalog, coming in at 32:1. It is a hybrid that grows between 5 and 6 feet tall, produces up to 600 grams, and has a fragrance described as sweet yet earthy. Sweet Grass flowers in 9 weeks and can grow in most climates.

Cherry Blossom

An Indica plant that does best in warm and cool climates and can produce up to 600 grams of flower. It is mold resistant and takes its name from the scent of sweet berries emanating from the plant. Cherry Blossom should easily remain well within the 0.3% THC levels while producing more than 10% CBD.

Orders and Pricing

All CBD hemp seeds sold at Windham Farms are priced at $0.33 each for orders of more than 300 and $1 each for orders of between 100 and 300. You need to purchase at least 100 seeds and can use the Windham Farms order form to do so.

Enter the details of your chosen varietal and the total number of seeds into the order form. A representative from the company will then email you to confirm availability and provide you with a contract and an invoice, on which you will find payment details. Simply sign the contract and return it—along with your hemp registration documents—to the email address provided on the order page. You can make a payment via wire transfer or ApplePay, after which you’ll receive tracking information to monitor your shipment.

The order process may seem a little archaic and will no doubt frustrate some customers, but it’s not unheard of in the hemp and cannabis sectors, as many top-tier merchants refuse to work with companies in these industries.

More Information

You can contact Windham Farms using the following contact page, which includes email addresses for both the President and the Vice President. Alternatively, call one of their experienced support reps at the following number: (720) 584-3399.


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