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Trait Biosciences is a New Mexico company devoted to the research and development of hemp, discovering ways to turn this ancient plant into modern medicines via the production of premium cannabinoids. It uses patented technology to produce safer, purer, and more effective cannabinoids and has made great strides towards developing game-changing products.

Company Information

Peter J. McDonough is the Chief Executive Officer for Trait Biosciences and has brought a wealth of management and business experience to the role, after serving in senior roles for companies like Procter & Gamble, Diageo, Braun, and Black & Decker. Other senior employees include:

  • Chief Technology Officer – Dr. Rebecca L. White
  • Vice President of Business Development – Dr. Richard T. DeRose
  • Vice President of Global Affairs – Dr. Tichafa R.I. Munyikwa
  • Vice President of Development – Kimberly Harrison
  • Vice President of Finance – Steven Ofstehage
  • Chief People Office – Ron Deutsch
  • Chief Legal Counsel – David Smalley

Trait Biosciences Innovations

A team of scientists and dedicated researchers work to create the best hemp and cannabis products for these blossoming industries, providing clients with more reliable products and ensuring customers have a better and more beneficial product. The company’s leading innovations include:

Trait Distilled

This technology allows for the creation of pure water-soluble cannabinoids, one that uses natural methods to create a safe and superior product.

In simple terms, scientists attach a sugar molecule to a cannabinoid. Not only does this make it easier to enjoy cannabinoids in liquid form, but it also hastens the digestion of these compounds. 

Fat-soluble cannabinoids can take up to 45 minutes to take effect, but water-soluble alternatives are digested quickly and predictably, giving producers more control and improving the end product for the user.

Trait Amplified

Creates high-yield varietals of CBD hemp using several tried-and-tested methods. The goal of every CBD hemp grower is to produce a high yield plant, and this is something that Trait Biosciences can help with, using patent-pending methods that increase cannabinoid synthesis in every part of the plant, thus improving overall CBD yields.

Trait Amplified may also reduce the cost of producing CBD hemp by limiting the amount of water, electricity, and soil that each plant requires.

Trait Defense

Utilizes methods for fighting common pests, funguses, viral infections, and other issues that plague hemp and cannabis plants.

These strategies strengthen the plants without using any harmful chemicals, allowing farmers to maintain the integrity of their product and their practices while reducing the risk of catastrophic damage from failed crops.

Trait Tailored

Focuses on the creation of consistently tailored cannabinoid profiles. Customers can tailor the cannabinoid profiles of their hemp and cannabis plants, choosing the desired compounds and producing varietals with higher concentrations of CBD, CBC, and CBG, as well as other minor cannabinoids.

Trait Zero

Dedicated to keeping THC levels as low as possible and ensuring that hemp plants are not compromised as a result of federal regulations.

THC levels need to be closely monitored to avoid exceeding 0.3%, at which point the crops need to be destroyed. Trait Zero is an insurance policy that protects against this risk and gives growers some much-needed peace of mind. 

Learn More

Trait Biosciences operates three locations—two in New Mexico and one in Canada. To speak with the company about its technologies, services, and more, visit the following contact page. You’ll find contact forms relating to investor queries, media queries, and general customer queries.


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