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The Hemp Mine is a family-run business based in the city of Fair Play, South Carolina. Built on a strong agricultural and scientific foundation, The Hemp Mine supplies farmers across the United States with genetic hemp material tailored toward specific growing regions and conditions.

This SC-based enterprise prides itself on its unparalleled understanding of the hemp plant and its growth cycle. Not only goes it sell genetic material, but it also dabbles in consumer CBD products. As a result, it understands every aspect of the supply chain and strives to maximize results for its customers.

Region-Specific Hemp Genetics

A relative newcomer to hemp genetics, The Hemp Mine family has a wealth of experience in cotton and tree farming, as well as horticultural science and agricultural research. It has established numerous regional trials to monitor everything from growth consistency to disease resistance, and the information gathered via these trials allows it to offer region-specific genetics to growers nationwide.

The ultimate goal, according to this fast-growing family enterprise, is to increase profitability by making growing seasons more accurate, predictable, and transparent—something that all hemp farmers can appreciate.

Production Facilitates

By working with numerous production partners across the United States, The Hemp Mine is able to offer fast and reliable shipping wherever you are. Specialist trucking fleets move products from facilities in California, Oregon, Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Michigan, as well as their main base in South Carolina.

The Hemp Mine and its partners go to great lengths to ensure the product is perfect by the time it arrives, utilizing controlled environments and even acclimation zones to minimize harm during transport and ensure it arrives in optimal condition.

If you’re located in any of the above states, products can be moved quickly and in great volume, ensuring you get it when needed and to the standard expected. However, The Hemp Mine and its partners also ship to most other states and will simply select a nearby production partner capable of meeting your demands.


The Hemp Mine sells a handful of high-yield CBD hemp materials, most of which come in the form of URCs and Liners. At the time of writing, it does not sell seeds, stating that they carry a risk of “genetic instability” and that while they can be cheaper initially, they will ultimately lead to greater costs and risks for the farmer.

The varietals provided by The Hemp Mine are all designed to offer a high yield of CBD while staying under the 0.3% THC levels required by federal law. They include:

  • Southern OG: High disease resistance under even the most extreme weather conditions; average pest resistance. Up to 8% CBD on average. Can yield as much as 5 pounds of biomass per plant, with 2,000 plants per acre.
  • Southern Belle: High disease resistance and average pest resistance. Has a smell comparable to “juicy fruit”, a yield of up to 8% CBD, and produces 4.5 pounds per acre.
  • Janet’s G: Strong disease resistance, average pest resistance, and as much as 11% CBD. 2,000 plants can grow per acre and each plant can produce up to 3 pounds of biomass.
  • Southern Cat Daddy: Up to 7% CBD and 3 pounds of biomass per plant. Average pest resistance and high disease resistance.
  • Southern Sunset: Up to 11% CBD. High disease resistance, average pest resistance. 2,000 plants per acre with each one producing up to 3.5 pounds of dried biomass. Tends to finish late in the season, often 3 to 4 weeks later than others.
  • Southern Luck: A massive 12% CBD and 5 pounds of biomass. Average pest resistance, high disease resistance, and a late finish of up to 4 weeks.

Technical Support Reps

The Hemp Mine’s technical support reps or “TSRs”, are scattered throughout the United States, ensuring there is always a helping hand nearby.

TSRs are picked from a pool of experienced, professional individuals with over 10 years’ experience in the horticultural sector. All support and sales reps are educated on the topic at hand and are knowledgeable in many different cropping systems.

Many of them have worked with global breeding companies, some own greenhouses, others have held high positions as farmers, producers, and researchers.

The idea is that these reps will provide advanced technical and professional support, while also acting as sales representatives. This means that The Hemp Mine TSRs can advise on all of the following:

  • Pests and Disease: Although not a massive issue for hemp growers, it’s one that still needs to be monitored. Education is key to keeping these problems to a minimum.
  • Nutrition: Soil nutrient demands change from season to season and from location to location. The demands also shift depending on what you’re producing and what variety you’re growing.
  • Financial Info: Need to better understand the potential costs and expected ROI? Is it worthwhile purchasing expensive farming equipment to streamline your business or should you stick with farmhands and hand tools?
  • Regulations: Laws and regulations are changing all the time and if you’re new to the industry, it can be very daunting. Having someone who knows their stuff is a great relief.
  • Harvesting: Understand when to harvest, how to harvest, and how to go about retting and drying your product.

And much more. This is just the tip of the iceberg and gives you an idea of just how in-depth The Hemp Mine and their representatives can be.


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