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Sunrise Genetics is an innovative hemp and cannabis company dedicated to furthering the advancement of cannabis and hemp research and establishing more ways to use this cash crop for food, fuel, medicine, and more. This Colorado-based company sells superior clones backed by extensive research and trials, keeping yields and success rates high throughout the growing season.

Purchase some of the company’s quality-tested cultivars or pick up one of its variety packs, which includes three varietals and enough plants to cover an acre of land.

Sunrise Genetics Varietals

Take a look at the latest Sunrise Genetics catalog to see which varietals are available for the upcoming season. Here is a quick selection of the clones offered at the time of writing:

  • FL 80: A high biomass plant that grows rapidly and produces large amounts of vegetation.
  • FL 71: The highest biomass CBD plant in the Sunrise Genetics catalog.
  • FL 70: Offers some of the highest potency of CBD, which increases (along with THC) during the final three weeks. Needs careful monitoring and regular testing to ensure THC guidelines are met.
  • FL 58: Produces some of the lowest THC, staying within the 0.3% legal guidelines while offering high levels of CBD.
  • FL 49: An early planting varietal.
  • CJ 2: A fast flowering plant that produces much lower levels of THC.
  • SB 1: A short and stocky plant designed for high-density planting.
  • Z 25: A purple strain said to produce an intensely pungent scent.

The Sunrise Genetics Team

CJ Schwartz, Matt Gibbs, and Jason Schwartz are the three figureheads of Sunrise Genetics and they are backed by a young, experienced, and vibrant team. The company also works with advisors, partners, and experts to ensure it keeps its finger on the pulse and continues to produce the best clones.

How to Order

You can download an order form from the Sunrise Genetics website. This simple PDF Document requests some basic information about you and your company and also lists all currently available cultivars (see above). Simply choose how many of each cultivar you need, paying attention to the 5,000 minimum order quantity. Once you have completed the form, send an email to the address at the bottom of the page and make sure you attach the form.

More Information

To learn more about this influential cannabis company, visit the Press section of You can also send the Sunrise Genetics team an email using the contact form or call them directly at 970-372-5363.


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