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Sunbelt Hemp is a GA-based hemp breeder bringing more than 30 years of experience to the industry and offering some essential services to farmers across the United States. Sunbelt Hemp sells high-quality hemp seeds and plugs and also provides consultancy services to help producers with their harvest.

Sunbelt Hemp Seed Production

Although it is headquartered in Georgia, Sunbelt Hemp also has offices in South Carolina and Colorado, and ships to licensed hemp farmers across the United States. It aims to fix what it considers inherent problems in the hemp industry, including crops that exceed the legal THC requirements, have a poor germination rate, use unproven genetics, and provide very poor yields.

Sunbelt Hemp’s solution to these perceived problems is to provide all of the following:

  • Verification: All the seeds sold by Sunbelt Hemp have been certified by third-parties and verified for femininization and germination rates, ensuring a higher yield of quality CBD and biomass for US farmers.
  • THC Complaint: The products available in the Sunbelt Hemp store are guaranteed to fall with the federal requirements for THC levels, reducing risk and loss, and increasing profits.
  • Seed Care: Worried that you’ll blow it all during the planting and will destroy your hopes of a high yield? Sunbelt Hemp can help you during the seeding, holding your hand through this important process.
  • Consultancy: All producers can benefit from consultancy services, with advice regarding pests/diseases, seeding and planting issues, drying and storage, nutrient levels and deficiencies, and more.
  • High Yield: By offering the best seeds and in-depth consultancy services, Sunbelt Hemp promises that its strains will provide a higher yield than seeds found elsewhere.

In addition to feminized seeds, Sunbelt Hemp also offers starts/plugs, all of which are produced to the same high standards as the company’s seeds. These products eliminate the need for time-consuming germination and can be planted straight into the ground. They offer high rates of germination, thus leading to a more reliable growing season and more productive harvest.

Seed Varieties

Sunbelt Hemp promises the best genetics with all of its seeds. Its strains have a certificate of analysis and additional independently verified paperwork, outlining its chemical make-up and providing details on everything from the cannabinoid and terpene content to the germination and feminization rate.

The cultivars available at Sunbelt Hemp include:

  • Titan: The Titan is said to offer a “mandarin terpene” and to be suitable for hot and dry climates. It flowers quickly, offers high resistance to cold temperatures, and can grow to more than 12 feet, producing as much as 6 pounds of yield per plant.
  • Olympus: With “earth pine” terpenes, this thin but weighty plant can reach a height of 10 feet and produce an impressive yield of 6 pounds per plant, with the durability needed to thrive in harsh climates.
  • Hercules: A 10-foot beast of a plant that yields between 5 and 6 pounds of biomass per plant and thrives in low temperatures. It finishes early and produces a lot of resin.
  • Goliath: The aptly named Goliath can grow in excess of 12 feet and produce dense buds, with a yield of between 7 pounds and 8 pounds per plant. It is said to produce a lemony/peachy terpene.
  • The Grail: Offering a high pest resistance, this early finisher can reach heights of 10 feet and Is great for producing CBG, with yields of roughly 1 pound per plant.
  • Peach Goliath: One of the biggest plants in the Sunbelt Hemp catalog, the Peach Goliath is said to be very easy to grow and can yield a huge 7.5 pounds of biomass per plant.

Buying from Sunbelt Hemp

All state-licensed growers can purchase seeds from Sunbelt Hemp, with a minimum order of 500 seeds and a sliding scale that ensures cheaper prices for larger orders. You can place orders through the Sunbelt Hemp website, but there is a $50,000 cap on online orders. For anything above this limit, and for large order negotiations, you should contact a sales representative directly.

Payments must be made using bank transfers (no checks or cash) and all orders are shipped free of charge with full insurance cover.


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