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Summit Plant Laboratory is a Colorado-based specialist in micropropagation, genetic banking, and breeding services, with decades of experience spanning multiple food and fiber crops. 

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Countless farmers and producers rely on Summit Plant Laboratory’s services. Over the years, this relatively modest Fort Collins company has helped countless farmers to produce the best crops and get the highest yields. It has steadily leaned towards sustainable and eco-friendly practices, paying close attention to its water usage, installing solar panels, and doing its best to limit its carbon footprint.

Although Summit Plant Laboratory’s main focus is on crops like potatoes, hops, and mint, it also works with hemp, and as the number of hemp acres has increased, so has the demand for these services. 

Summit Plant Laboratory Services

Since 1987, Summit Plant Laboratory has offered wholesale micropropagation services, using state-of-the-art facilities and crops to produce the cleanest stocks and help with the following:

  • Tissue Culture Production
  • Seed Health
  • Genetic Repository
  • Genetic Preservation
  • Greenhouse Leasing
  • Help with Research and Development
  • Breeding Assistance

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To learn more about Summit Plant Laboratory micropropagation services, contact Kirk at or Tom at You can also dial 970 224 2021 to speak with an available representative.


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