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Southern Luck from The Hemp Mine

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Southern Luck is a popular CBD hemp varietal sold by The Hemp Mine, a leading hemp genetics researcher and producer operating out of South Carolina. This varietal is sold in the form of rooted and unrooted clones and offers a high yield of biomass and CBD, making it an ideal choice for farmers seeking a sizable harvest.

Southern Luck from The Hemp Mine

Offering an average resistance to pests and high resistance to disease, Southern Luck is a hardy, resilient cultivar that can thrive in all conditions, from hot and dry to cold and wet. It should be planted at a rate of approximately 2,000 plants per acre and is ideally suited to raised beds of between 6 and 8 inches.

The Hemp Mine recommends using in-line drip irrigation to supply the plant with adequate moisture throughout the growing season, and plastic mulch to reduce root zone temperature and weeds.

CBD and Biomass

The exact yield and CBD content of Southern Luck can differ considerably from grower to grower and will depend on a number of factors, including soil nutrients, climate, and time of planting/harvesting. However, The Hemp Mine expects it to produce around 12% CBD when farmed under optimal conditions and this can go as high as 19.95%.

Southern Luck provides a total yield of between 2 and 5 pounds of dried biomass per plant and it is classed as a late finisher, with the harvesting taking place several weeks after other varieties have finished.

THC Levels

As with all the best hemp varietals, Southern Luck has been tested extensively and has consistently fallen within the 0.3% THC benchmark required under federal law. However, this is not a guarantee and farmers need to run regular tests to ensure that this level is not exceeded.

Unexpected weather events, prolonged growing seasons, late harvests, and several other factors can impact the THC levels, as can the nature of the tests themselves. It’s imperative, therefore, that farmers understand state requirements, speak with local farmers, and follow strict guidelines to ensure the plant is grown under optimal conditions.

Summary: Making a Purchase

SC-based The Hemp Mine works with hemp from seed to retail, providing an unrivaled level of understanding and helping farmers from coast to coast. Southern Luck is just one of the many varietals available through this family-owned business, all of which are sold in the form of unrooted cuttings/clones (URCs), as opposed to seeds.

This, they believe, allows for more consistent and reliable growth and creates fewer problems and greater yields for farmers. Of course, clones are not the best option for all growers and whether or not they are suited to you will depend on everything from your location to your budget.

There is a minimum order of 500 for URCs and for all orders of between 500 and 1,999 the cost is $2 per cutting. This drops as low as $1.50 when more than 4,000 are ordered. For rooted clones, the price begins at $4 and there is a minimum order quantity of 2,000, with the biggest discounts available for orders of 200,000 or more.

Small orders need to be collected from the supplier but larger orders (10,000+ units) can be shipped, the cost of which is covered by the customer.

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