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Shakti is a hemp breeder operating an isolated farm in the shadow of the Pike National Forest, Colorado. It sells several popular varieties, most of which are bred with CO growers in mind but can thrive in all climates throughout the United States.

Shakti Company Information

At the time of writing, the Shakti website is pretty sparse. There is a section for “Products”, but this is empty, and the “Seedlings” section simply refers customers to the Contact Us page. Nevertheless, this is an active, reputable hemp company that works with farmers across the United States. As its reputation grows and its reach expands, we’ll no doubt see the company’s website and product selection grow.

The “Shakti” name stems from the Hindu Goddess of Creation and means “power” and “energy”, with the company stating that its goal is to “empower” growers across the United States.

Shakti Hemp Varietals

Prepare for a prosperous yield this season with the following seed varietals from Shakti:

  • Cherry Wine S1: Passionfruit terpenes, consistent maturation times, and a CHB/THC ratio of 28:1. Mite resistance is poor, and the company does not have any data on mold or mildew resistance.
  • Sweetgrass x Cherry Wine: Decent mite resistance and average mold/mildew resistance. Mid-length finisher with a 25:1 CBD/THC ratio.
  • Wife x Cherry Wine: A small plant with small flowers and a high CBD content. Bred from a Colorado-favorite that remains popular with CBD producers across the state.
  • T1 x Cherry Wine: 25:1 CBD to THC ratio with mold, pest, and mildew resistance all “above average”.
  • Chardonnay x Cherry Wine: Above average mold and pest resistance. A large plant and a late finisher with a ratio of 25:1.

Ordering Information 

Shakti has a minimum order of 1,000 seeds and all quantities between 1,000 and 10,000 are charged at a fixed price of $0.42 per seed. This price drops to just $0.30 per seed for orders between 10,000 and 100,000, and further discounts are offered for quantities larger than 100k, 500k, 1.5 million, 3 million, and 5 million, with the latter charged at just $0.10 per seed.

All Shakti customers are required to pay for their own shipping. Insurance is optional as part of this process, but it’s recommended, as it will provide some compensation if seeds are lost or damaged.

As per the laws of Colorado, a Phytosanitary Certificate is also required with every order and this adds $40 to the cost of the order.

If you don’t have the necessary permits but want to reserve some seeds, you can put down a 50% deposit. This money will be moved to escrow until you receive your permits and are ready to collect. The seeds will be shipped once the rest of the money has been paid.

Learn More

Visit the Shakti Contact Us page to send the company a message and request more information about products, shipping, licensing, and more. There is also a Live Chat box on the website, although this was down during our visits to the site and we can’t confirm when (or if) it is active.


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