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Andrea Schiavi, the owner of Schiavi Seeds, has played a major role in the US hemp market, working with several state departments to procure, study, and produce European seeds. These seeds have been bred and certified by the Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops in Serbia, the Institute of Natural Fibers and Medicines in Poland, and the Italian Ministry of Agriculture.

Company Information

Schiavi Seeds was founded by Andrea Schiavi and Karen K. Dixon in 2015. Andrea moved to Kentucky from Northern Italy in 2004, and some ten years later he began working with Departments of Agriculture, sowing the seeds for the launch of the company that bears his name. 

Karen Dixon, who serves as the COO, lives in Washington, D.C., and has an extensive academic background, spanning fields such as commercial litigation.

These two co-founders and co-owners are helped by a small but experienced team, including Quality Control Manager Kenny Hunter and Crop Advisor J.T. Workman. They also hire advisors, researchers, and consultants in France, Poland, and Serbia, composing a varied, experienced, and international team of hemp experts.

Hemp Varietals

Kentucky-based Schiavi Seeds is perfectly positioned to meet the growing needs of the US hemp market, as it has secured exclusive rights to several European hemp varietals. All of the following seed varietals were bred in Europe, are backed by years and sometimes decades of field tests, and are available from Schiavi Seeds:

  • Fibranova: Produced from Russian varietals with a view to producing a high yield of fiber for the plastic and textile industries. Can also be used to produce CBD oil.
  • Carmagnola Selezionata: A high CBD content and a good choice for fiber production. This varietal was bred in 1968.
  • Carmagnola: A classic Italian hemp varietal that produces a wealth of fiber and CBD oil.
  • Codimono: A monoecious varietal used for biomass production, as well as hemp fiber.
  • Eletta Campana: A high fiber dioecious varietal.
  • Carmaleonte: Derived from Carmagnola and bred with fiber and textile production in mind.
  • Beniko: First registered in 1985, this Polish monoecious varietal promises a high fiber yield.
  • Tygra: Provides a high yield of grain and fiber, with the latter offering an unusually high tensile strength.
  • Wojko: A Polish varietal that has been repeatedly tested in Kentucky, showing great results for grain and fiber production.
  • Helena: A monoecious varietal bred for seed and fiber production.

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To place an order with Schiavi Seeds or to learn more about seed availability, contact or use the contact form on the company’s website. The company’s headquarters is located at 2421 Members Way, Lexington, Kentucky 40504.


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