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Santé Bontanica was launched during the legal cannabis revolution and spent its formative years in Colorado, before moving to California. It became one of the first Tissue Culture operators in the US and for over a decade it has been instrumental in developing the CA and CO cannabis and hemp markets. 

Company Information

As things stand, Santé Bontanica, which roughly translates as “Healthy Plants”, is the largest licensed Tissue Culture operator in the state of California. It produces vast quantities of legal and certified cannabis clones for cultivators across the United States.

Santé Bontanica’s services are geared toward helping growers get the highest yields and the most value from their crops, with superior cannabinoid content and terpene profiles, along with the eradication of pest problems, diseases, and other such issues.

Hemp Varietals

Get the purest clones and prepare for a bumper crop with Santé Bontanica’s vast and ever-growing selection. These clones are not currently listed on the Santé Bontanica website, but you can get more information by contacting the company directly, discussing things such as pricing, availability, and purchase options.

Other genetic services provided by Santé Bontanica include:

  • Genetic Reboot: If the potency of your cannabinoids has dropped, your terpenes are not what they used to be or pests have become a serious problem, Santé Bontanica can rebuild the molecular structure of the plant. They will clean it up, eradicate the problems, and reboot your varietal.
  • Genetic Cleaning: An invaluable service that can eradicate problematic pathogens and other genetic issues. Speak with Santé Bontanica today to discuss your problems and see if they can find a solution.
  • Genetic Banking: Santé Bontanica can secure your varietal for a later date, banking it, preserving it, and holding it until you’re ready.
  • Embryo Rescue: A service that can help to resurrect old and struggling seed varietals. It can germinate seeds that are a couple of decades old, even if they have been stored in poor conditions.

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Before you work with Santé Bontanica, you will need to complete the application process, a link to which you can find here. You can also contact the company at or 760 270 9779.


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