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Prepare for the upcoming season with hemp clones and seedlings from Rhize Above Hemp, a Colorado-based company owned and operated by two hemp enthusiasts with a passion for sustainable farming.

Company Information

Dan and Lexy Cardonne founded Rhize Above Hemp toward the end of 2018. At the time, Dan had just finished working on a hemp farm, while Lexy had a wealth of experience in accounting and business operations. 

They founded Rhize Above Hemp to sell hemp clones, but soon expanded to include a multitude of other products, taking their love of hemp and CBD to the masses. They are committed to producing sustainable products that are 3rd party tested and made with simple and pure ingredients, all grown, sourced, and made in the state of Colorado.

Dan and Lexy are the figureheads of the business and when you do business with Rhize Above Hemp you’ll be doing business with them, allowing you to experience their passion and commitment firsthand!

Hemp Clones

All the following hemp clones are currently available through Rhize Above Hemp and sold to wholesale customers:

  • Abacus: Floral, musky, with a CBD potency that goes as high as 15% and is harvested in late September/early October.
  • Cherry: A cherry-flavored varietal that can be harvested in mid-September and offers a high CBD and CBG ratio.
  • Hempress: An earthy flavor and a CBD potency of between 10% and 18%.
  • Oregon Cherry: A very potent varietal with a CBD content that varies greatly, going from 9% to 25%.
  • Harley Tsu-Canna Tsu: Up to 18% CBD can be achieved with a harvest in late September/early October.

Ordering Information

As you would expect, Rhize Above Hemp does not accept payments via credit card, debit card, or PayPal. However, it claims to be working on ways to introduce new and more convenient payment methods. In the meantime, it can accept cash, check, money orders, and wire transfers.

Prior to April 2020, Rhize Above Hemp was offering a free consultation on all orders. This consultation lasted four hours and was conducted by the company’s master grower. As far as we can tell, this offer is no longer available, but it may return in the near future, and considering how useful this information could be for a new grower, it’s definitely worth inquiring about.

As things stand, you can’t place an order through the Rhize Above Hemp website. It does not have an e-commerce platform in place, nor will it accept order forms. For that, you will have to contact the company directly. 

This is often the best way to purchase wholesale clones. It will allow you to speak with an expert and better understand what varietals work best for you based on your location and needs.

The prices are entirely dependent on availability and the amount ordered. This is something else that you can discuss when you contact Rhize Above Hemp.

Learn More

You can find Rhize Above Hemp at the following address:


12550 West Colfax Avenue

Unit 105


Colorado 80215

United States


To place an order, inquire about seedlings/clones, and other products, send the company a message using this contact form. You can also contact Lexy or Dan by phoning 720 334 4931 or by connecting with them on WhatsApp.


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