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The CBD industry is growing at a phenomenal rate. This product has been widely embraced throughout the United States and Canada and its influence here has also led to massive imports across Europe and Asia. In the eyes of many, it’s the medicine of the future, so it’s no surprise that so many farmers, growers, producers, and retailers are seeking their slice of the pie.

For many of these, companies like Primordia are essential. Primordia combines legacy agriculture with advanced extraction techniques to produce the very best CBD and to keep feeding the industry’s hunger for this amazing product.

Company Information

Primordia is operated by fourth-generation farmers. It manages over 10,000 acres of farmland that has previously been used to grow a multitude of food and cash crops and is currently being utilized for large scale CBD hemp production.

Once the hemp has been grown and harvested, it is extracted using cGMP facilities, which simply stands for Current Good Manufacturing Practices and suggests that the company uses the latest best practices to produce its CBD. This includes comprehensive documentation, adherence to strict and demanding procedures, and compliance that is confirmed by regular inspection.

Hemp Products and Services

All of Primordia’s products are available in bulk, and include:

  • CBN Isolate: CBN is a relative newcomer, but a promising one, nonetheless. Primordia CBN Isolate is produced to a purity of at least 99% and contains 0% THC.
  • Live Terpenes: A spectrum of more than 15 terpenes, including 50% Myrcene and between 7% and 8% B-Caryophyllene and Limone. Produces a mixture of aromas and flavors and can be used in tinctures, vapes, and more.
  • T-Free Distillate: A 0% THC distillate that contains as much as 90% CBD, as well as small amounts of CBDV and CBG. Can be exported worldwide and used for a multitude of purposes.
  • CBD Isolate: A highly pure concentrate of CBD, one that contains as much as 99.9% of this medicinal compound along with 0% THC.
  • Water Soluble CBD: Allows the CBD particles to be dissolved in water, while offering higher bio-availability. Contains as much as 20% CBD and is available in both powder and liquid form.
  • IVKross Hemp Seed: A rare premium hemp varietal that is resistant to both heat and cold and has a CBD content of between 8 and 12%.
  • IVPrime Hemp Seed: Another premium hemp seed offering up to 12% CBD, as well as small amounts of CBG and CBC.
  • Winterized Crude: The substance formed during the initial stage of the extraction process. It’s from this “crude” substance that other extracts are created. It contains at least 60% CBD and requires further dilution.

Primordia also provides a number of hemp and CBD services, including farming consultations, biomass drying, and CBD oil extraction.

Ordering Information

The website “Buy Now” buttons just take you to a contact form, where you’ll be asked for some basic information and will then be contacted by one of the company’s representatives.

Be sure to leave your contact information and use the boxes to select which products you are interested in. One of the company’s co-founders or sales reps will contact you promptly and you can discuss prices and quantities with them.

Learn More

Along with the order form mentioned above, you can contact Primordia directly by dialing 760 266 4404 or emailing Hello@Primordia.Eco. The company also has a presence on Facebook and Instagram.


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