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Point3 Farma is one of the most innovative and exciting companies in the North American hemp sector. Founded in 2018, a big year for this flourishing industry, Point3 Farma is owned and run by a team of farmers, investors, entrepreneurs, and CBD enthusiasts, all of whom are dedicated to furthering the progress of this medicinal oil.

Point3 Farma Company Information

This Colorado-based company is an integral supply chain partner used by many of the country’s biggest players. In launching the company, the founders wanted to focus on clean, pure, sustainable growth, and they hand-selected prime real estate in the San Luis Valley, Colorado, to help them with this. The regular sunshine and high altitude made this the perfect place for industrial hemp growth and allows the company to produce the very best product every time.

Point3 Farma Products and Services

You can purchase wholesale quantities of CBG and CBD hemp seeds from Point3 Farma, both of which have been produced in the company’s state-of-the-art facilities, where they undergo rigorous testing. Point3 Farma also sells superior CBD distillate. This THC-free, CBD-rich product is perfect for producing medicinal oils, gummies, and beauty products.

Ordering Information

There is no online ordering system on the Point3 Farma website. Instead, you’ll have to use one of their order forms to state your intent, after which you’ll be contacted by one of the company’s reps. They’ll tell you what is available right now, how much it costs, and what steps you need to take to get the most out of it.

At the time of writing, Point3 Farma was selling CBD seeds from as little as $0.40 each and CBG seeds from $1 each, with reduced prices available for larger orders.

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Visit this page and use the embedded Contact Form to send a message to Point3 Farma and its representatives. You can also call the company directly at 719-733-3900 or visit: 49998 County Road E, Center, CO 81125.



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