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In 2019, Oregon-based Phytonyx sold over 40 million seeds to farmers across the United States, doing its bit to create the largest annual haul of industrial hemp in this nation’s recent history. Phytonyx works with new and established companies, from small community farms to the nation’s biggest producers. All crops begin with a single seed and at Phytonyx, all seeds are feminized, certified organic, and packed with possibilities.

Phytonyx Company Information

Phytonyx launched in 2014, combining over 20 years of organic farming experience with cutting-edge genetics and game-changing varietals. It was founded by three ambitious partners, each bringing something a little different to the table:

  • Steven Jaramillo: The current Global Brand Ambassador, “Iz”, as he is affectionately known, has been instrumental in taking Phytonyx global and making it one of the biggest names in the Oregon hemp industry.
  • Justin Tombe: As the CEO, Tombe keeps everything running as it should. He is the company’s problem solver.
  • Tenasi Lazar: The CSO and the man behind Phytonyx’s breeding programs. Lazar also helps to create progressive partnerships.

These three co-founders are backed by a small team, including a Senior Scientist, Administrator, and Director of Operations. It prides itself on being a small company, one that focuses on community growth and puts ethical choices before profit, proclaiming its desire to make the hemp industry “healthier by [its] presence and influence”.

Phytonyx Seed Varietals

All the seeds sold by Phytonyx have been extensively field-tested and test results are available in the Phytonyx seed catalog. Varietals are subject to availability and may change from year to year, but they include:

  • Frosted Lime: An early finishing, strongly-scented CBD variety that produces over 9% of this medicinal compound by weight. Frosted Lime is an Indica dominant varietal with good pest and mold resistance.
  • Siskiyou Gold: This Indica-Sativa hybrid was tested at over 8% CBD, with a strong mold and pest resistance and a flowering period of between 60 and 67 days.
  • Frosted Kush: A cross of Kush Hemp and Frosted Lime, this varietal is a compact early-finisher that first launched in 2020. It produces dense, mold-resistant flowers and has a CBD/THC ratio of 31:1.
  • Golden Kush: Strong resistance to mold and pests with tests showing a total CBD content higher than 6%.
  • Serenity: A potent CBG variety offering as much as 16% of this popular compound by weight. CBG peaks at around seven weeks of flowering and THC levels remain low throughout.

Ordering Information

As is the case with most hemp seed retailers, Phytonyx does not process payments through its website. There is a “Buy Now” button under every varietal, but this redirects to a sales form that buyers can use to request a quote. Just enter your name, contact details, and the product you’re interested in, and a Phytonyx sales rep will reply to discuss availability, pricing, and more.

Phytonyx has a minimum order quantity of 2,500 seeds (applies to all varietals) and a sliding scale that offers bigger discounts for larger orders.

If you need a little help with seeding, growing, drying, harvesting, extracting, or anything else for that matter, you can use the aforementioned form to request a consultation. Phytonyx has the connections and the experience needed to help your hemp business thrive and can impart this expertise via scheduled phone conversations.

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Use the following Contact Form to request more information. You can also phone them at 541.640.7598 for US customers and 844.668.4868 for international ones. Alternatively, send an email to


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