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Organic Growers, LLC occupies a vast 1,800-acre farm in Colorado, on which it grows high-quality industrial hemp. The farm began with a focus on organic food crops, which it sold to major retailers like Kroger and Whole Foods. It transitioned to hemp in 2017, adopting the same sustainable and organic growing methods and eventually planting over 170 acres of this lucrative crop. 

Company Information

With state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, including a John Deere Hemp Combine that is one of two in the world, Organic Growers, LLC grows and harvests vast swaths of this crop every single season. Few companies come close in terms of sheer scale, making this one of the most important producers in the state of Colorado.

Although it’s not a family-owned company, Organic Growers operates with a small and closely-knit team, which means the farm operates just like a family unit.

Hemp Products

CBD oil is produced by the gallon on Organic Growers’ productive farms, and this is sold in wholesale quantities to producers across the United States. Availability changes from season to season and depends on a number of factors, but generally, the following products are available:

  • CBD Distillate: Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate is produced in the company’s on-site extraction lab and hundreds of liters are available every season.
  • Hemp Biomass: The biomass from all of the farm’s industrial hemp plants. 
  • Hemp Seeds: Sold in bulk quantities, with a promise of high germination and high feminization.
  • Hemp Flower: Quality flowers from varietals like Cherry Wine, Franklin, BB1, BB2, No. 5, The Wife, and Otto. 
  • CBD Isolate: A refined, pure powder sold by the kilo.
  • CBD Cones: Pre-rolled hemp cones packed with 1.2 grams of premium hemp.

Ordering Information

The Organic Growers website cannot process orders and you need to contact a sales rep if you want to purchase wholesale CBD and hemp supplies. There are minimum order quantities on all products, and these are dependent on the type of product. For instance, the MOQ for feminized seeds is 1,000 (sold at $1 each), while for CBD Isolate it’s 1 kilo ($6,500).

Learn More

Call 970 236 1255 to discuss wholesale prices, availability, and more. You can also email Organic Growers, LLC at The website has a Live Chat box, as well, although this doesn’t seem to be staffed consistently, so it’s just as easy to send an email.


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