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Oregon CBD is one of the country’s biggest and best hemp seed suppliers, using high-quality genetics and intensive research to supply farmers across the United States with the very best varietals. One of the most popular of these is Lifter®.

Awarded first place at the 2020 Golden Grow Awards, Lifter® returns the highest yields of all products in the Oregon CBD catalog. It also produces the largest plants, and because of this, Lifter® is said to be ideal for biomass production.

Lifter® from Oregon CBD

When planted in early June, Oregon CBD recommends using roughly 2,000 seeds per acre, and increasing this to around 3,000 per acre when planting in early July. At a fixed price of $1 per seed, this means the average US hemp farm (approximately 10 acres) needs a budget of $20,000 to cover seeding.

Germination rates are high for this particular seed, coming in at 99%, and Oregon CBD also promises to include 10% extra in every order to allow for any discrepancies with regards to this figure. Assuming you follow the germination and planting instructions, you’ll be guaranteed a fully germinated, healthy, and potentially lucrative crop.

All Lifter® seeds are guaranteed to be at least 99.97% feminized.

CBD and Biomass

Lifter® is a bulky, tall plant, making it ideal for biomass production. It also happens to be one of the best CBD varietals in the Oregon CBD catalog, offering the highest recorded cannabinoids per acre.

This is thanks, in no small part, to the sizeable, dense, and pungent “A” grade flowers that the plant produces. With proper preparation, adequate nutrient levels, and sufficient care, the plant can produce in excess of 500 grams of flower per plant. That’s a lot of plant, a lot of flower, and the potential for an abundance of CBD.

The oily buds appear in late August and are said to have a flavor that has both a delicate sweetness and a strong must, one that seems to go down well with consumers. Following a planting in early June, Lifter® will be ready for harvest in mid-September.

THC Levels

All seeds sold by Oregon CBD have undergone strict testing, and Lifter® is no exception. It has met pre-harvest THC compliance in all legal hemp states, following consistent testing over the last five years.

However, Oregon CBD still recommends that you test Lifter® crops for THC levels, making sure you remain under the 0.3% THC requirements. Although the seeds consistently remain under the legal benchmark, factors such as the climate, nutrients, seeding time, and harvesting time can all impact the THC levels and may take them above the federally required minimum.

Testing is recommended at the end of the 4th week of flowering, which typically occurs during the first week of August.

Summary: Making a Purchase

You can purchase Lifter® seeds direct from Oregon CBD. Seeds are sold to licensed farmers across the United States, with fast and free shipping available to ensure you get the product in time for seeding.

Oregon CBD has a minimum seed order of 5,000 and a fixed price of $1 per seed (applies to all seeds, not just Lifter®), which equates to a minimum order of $5,000. You need to purchase at least 1,000 seeds per varietal and there are no exceptions to this rule—no matter how persistent you are!


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