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The International Hemp Exchange (iHEMPx) Brand Profile

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The International Hemp Exchange, stylized as “iHEMPx”, was founded in Longmont, Colorado back in 2016 and is currently one of the state’s biggest wholesale industrial hemp resources. It functions as a multi-service hemp and CBD company, spanning all aspects of this vast and growing industry, including genetics, seeds, extraction, and more.

By working with the best geneticists, laboratories, and agriculturists, iHEMPx is able to provide premium products and invaluable services to farmers across the United States.

The iHEMPx Team and its Partners

Mike Leago launched iHEMPx as a way of improving connectivity in the hemp supply chain. As the industry grew, so did iHEMPx. It has partnerships in multiple states and focuses on both national and international growth.

iHEMPx exclusively distributes High Grade Hemp Seed genetics, a Colorado-based company known for high feminization and germination rates. High Grade’s CBG and CBD varietals have undergone years of testing with Colorado State University and FDA-approved labs to produce stable growth and consistent yields.

Products and Services

iHEMPx is much more than a seed distributor. It is a supply chain partner, helping farmers to grow, harvest, and get their product to market. It works with respected and reliable partners around the world and can provide your growing business with all the following services:

  • Feminized Seeds and Starts: The varietals your business needs to grow a successful, high-yield hemp crop.
  • Harvesting: Drying, bailing, and preparing your crop for the market.
  • CBD Extraction: Assistance with the extraction of CBD.
  • Supply Chain Management: Complete management to keep your profits ticking over.
  • Investments: iHEMPx also works with investors seeking their own piece of the booming industrial hemp sector.


High Grade Hemp Seed’s superior genetics covers Full Term, Early Finishers, and Auto Flowering varietals, all available to buy from iHEMPx right now. These varietals include: 

  • Matterhorn CBG: A varietal launched in 2020 to great fanfare, Matterhorn is CBG-dominant, which many predict will be the next big thing. It is grown at a density of between 2,000 and 3,000 plants per acre and produces a sweet citrus fragrance.
  • Berry Blossom: A reliable varietal grown in most states, with a high-CBD and biomass yield. Berry Blossom’s fragrance has been likened to candied berries.
  • Cherry Wine: A varietal first produced in 2015 and one that has been used to produce vast quantities of CBD over the years.
  • Merlot: Combines the high yields seen with Cherry Wine and the reliability of Berry Blossom, making it a robust and dependable crop.
  • Chardonnay: Bred to produce high levels of CBD with a strong flavor reminiscent of the Cherry Wine varietal.
  • Red Bordeaux: A strong biomass producer that performs well in colder and frostier conditions.
  • Trophy Wife: A CBD-heavy varietal with an early finish.
  • Bueno: A strong performer amongst full-term and early finishers, with an aroma akin to strawberries.

How to Order

The International Hemp Exchange sells seeds and starts for its premium High Grade Hemp Seed products, with minimum orders as low as 1,000, seeds from $0.50 to $1.75, and starts for between $0.99 and $2.00 (all depending on the varietal).

Orders can be placed online through the iHEMPx website. As far as we can tell, the site is built using the secure WooCommerce platform and accepts both bank transfers and credit cards using the Square payment processing service. While secure, this process is potentially problematic. Some strains may not be available until several months after the order has been placed. Furthermore, the website allowed us to checkout with 1,000 seeds in our basket, even though the product description stated that the minimum order was 5,000.

To prevent any issues such as rejected payments or delayed orders, we recommend contacting the company before placing an order.

Learn More

To speak with a representative from The International Hemp Exchange, visit this Contact Us page and fill out the form. You can also call them at 877-327-6436, request a quote, or visit their resource section for more information about their products, services, and hemp farming in general.


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