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In 2019, Hempton Farms cultivated over 1,000 acres of hemp, using sustainable and organic growing practices to harvest a quality crop. It positions itself as a “seed to table partner” and produces an abundance of biomass, seeds, and flowers by working with experienced growers.

Company Information

Hempton Farms is a coalition of dedicated growers producing hemp out of multiple locations nationwide, including Colorado, Las Vegas, Texas, and North Carolina. The Hempton family of farmers is ever-expanding and has established itself as a leading force in the North American hemp sector.

Along with its selection of clones, seeds, and starts, all listed below, Hempton Farms sells premium hemp and CBD products, including smokable flowers and pre-rolls.

Hemp Varietals

The goal of Hempton Farms is to provide US growers with the highest possible ROI, and it does this by targeting specific genetic traits that allow for the best possible yields with the least possible hassle. Its varietals have high feminization and germination rates and are available as seeds, starts, and clones.

They include:

  • Money Maker: CBG dominant with a citrus flavor.
  • AutoPilot: A 73-day autoflowering varietal.
  • Trophy Wife: A potent and proven CBD varietal.
  • Sour T: Bred from Sour Cherry Ultra and Trump, two tried-and-tested varietals.
  • El Jefe: A robust, fruity CBD varietal.
  • Merlot II: Rich in CBD and described as being chocolatey and fruity.
  • Berry Blossom: A strong berry fragrance and high CBD content.

Ordering and Other Information

Use the forms on the Hempton Farms website to request a catalog and learn more about current stock and pricing. None of the company’s products are available through the website and all are sold in wholesale quantities. You can email the company at Info@HemptonFarms.com and Sales@HemptonFarms.com or dial 575 201 3388.


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