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Blue Forest Farms is based in Longmont, Colorado, where it owns a vast 150-acre hemp farm and produces premium CBD hemp flowers, seeds, and extracts. Backed by more than 40-years of experience in organic farming, and supported by a team of farmers, botanists, and producers, Blue Forest Farms is devoted to delivering exceptional products and furthering the North American hemp industry.

Registered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture, Blue Forest Farms has a growing base of customers and partners and sells some of the best seeds produced in Colorado.

Blue Forest Farms Services

Like all good hemp wholesalers and distributors, Blue Forest Farms also provides consultancy and processing services, helping new hemp companies to stake their claim on their rapidly growing and highly lucrative industry. These services are provided by the company’s expert team of agricultural specialists and includes:

  • Processing and Extraction: Superior extraction techniques promise high CBD yields. Blue Forest Farms offers THC-free extraction processes, promising a product that remains 100% organic, pure, and stable. Extraction techniques include Wet Extraction, which is both time-saving and cost-effective; CO2 Extraction, which is said to be 90% efficient, and Ethanol Extraction, which produces a pure product following a safe and cost-effective process.
  • Product Development: Struggling to get your product to market? Blue Forest Farms has a dedicated team to help with branding, marketing, and other creative endeavors.
  • Consulting: Get assistance with all aspects of your hemp business, from seed to sale. The Blue Forest Farms team will ensure your land is properly prepared, all issues all dealt with, and your crop is properly dried, stored, harvested, and extracted.
  • Research and Genetics: High CBD genetics guarantee more stability, flavor, and taste, while also providing a higher CBD profile and a more reliable growing season.
  • Supply Chain: Blue Forest Farms has developed a strong network of producers and suppliers to help you shift your product when the time comes.

Blue Forest Farms Varietals

All Blue Forest Farms hemp seeds produce CBD in the range of 13 to 18% on average, with THC levels that stay within the legal requirements when best practices are followed. The following varietals are all available to purchase through right now:


  • Hot Blonde: Bred from two rare cultivars, Hot Blonde is exclusively available through Blue Forest Farms and it is sold in very limited quantities.
  • Queen Dream: With large plants and flowers, Queen Dream has a 30:1 CBD to THC ratio and has been grown in CO for several years.
  • Cherry Blossom: Produces around 17% CBD, Cherry Blossom comes from the Cherry Wine varietal and is popular with CBD hemp producers.
  • Cherry Wine: A classic Colorado varietal that can produce CBD as high as 22% and is said to have a cherry fragrance.
  • Berry Blossom: Flowers at around 9 weeks and has a CBD content of between 15 and 18%.
  • Cobbler: This varietal stays below 0.3% THC while offering as much as 20% CBD, making it a top-shelf choice for CBD producers.
  • The Wife: A cherry-scented CBD-heavy varietal that flowers in around 9 weeks and has a germination rate of 90%.
  • Chardonnay: A sweet-scented varietal that resembles sticky jam and produces CBD levels of between 12 and 15%.
  • The Otto II: A hybrid developed in Colorado and made for indoor use, with CBD levels of up to 14%.
  • BaOx: Based on the Otto II and Hindu-Kush strains, with CBD between 14 and 19% and a fast flowering time.
  • Red Bordeaux: Created for CO-based farmers due to its early frost resistance.

Additional Products

In addition to selling a range of hemp seeds, Blue Forest Farms also sells its very own CBD. Customers can buy up to 100 kg of hemp oil and CBD extracts, with the latter available in both whole plant format and a high-CBD distillate format. Whole CBD currently ranges from between $100 to $1.4 million, depending on the type and quantity ordered.

The Blue Forest Farms website also has sections for consumer CBD products, including gummies, tinctures, isolate, and even CBD for pets. However, at the time of writing, only a handful of these are actually stocked with products.

Order Information

Blue Forest Farms uses WooCommerce, a secure e-commerce platform used by millions of websites around the world. Just add your chosen seeds to your cart, input your details, and initiate an ACH payment. The minimum order amounts are very low but there are significant price drops with higher order quantities.

For example, the Feminized Cherry Blonde is currently available in a 5-pack for $35, which works out at $7 per seed. If, however, you purchase 500 seeds you’ll pay just $2 each or $1,000 in total. The same payment structure is used on most of the other seeds available at Blue Forest Farms. If you need more than 5,000 seeds per varietal, contact them directly to discuss discounts.


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