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Founded in 2013, California-based Beacon Hemp creates superior hemp genetics, offering farmers a competitive edge in the North American hemp industry. It stocks multiple varietals of CBD hemp, with a minimum order of just 1,000 seeds and big discounts available for wholesale quantities.

Company Information

Beacon Hemp began breeding its first CBD cultivars in 2013 and currently operates seed production facilities and breeding facilities in Oregon and California, producing both feminized and regular seeds. All seeds are tested in accordance with the Federal Seed Act and COAs are available for information on THC levels.

In addition to seeds, discussed below, the company offers agronomic support, with tips on which seeds to use, when to plant (based on your region), and more. Beacon Hemp doesn’t supply more detailed or dedicated support but is happy to put you in touch with experienced teams that do.

Hemp Varietals

Stock-up on superior varietals for the upcoming growing season. All of the following are available at the time of writing, but these are subject to change and available only in limited quantities:

  • Feminized Day Neutral
    • Auto Bahn: Bred from the Auto Pivot and Auto Tsunami varietals, Auto Bahn produces up to 15% CBD, with between 75 and 90 days until harvest and an aroma described as “skunky”.
    • Auto Pivot: A long, upright plant with a sweet berry aroma and a CBD potency of between 12 and 15%.
    • Auto Tsunami: A short and bushy varietal with a CBD/THC ratio of between 24:1 and 32:1.
    • Auto Tune: CBD/THC ratio of between 24:1 and 32:1, with a harvest time of 75 to 90 days.
  • Early Line
    • Bubba’s Early Remedy: Has an average response time of 8.5 weeks and grows stout and bushy, with a CBD/THC ratio as high as 32:1.
    • Early Blossom: A mix of the hugely popular Berry Blossom and Auto Tsunami, this feminized photoperiodic varietal goes as high as 18% CBD under the right conditions.
    • Early Cherry: A high-CBD option (up to 20%) with a unique cherry aroma.
    • Early Neuve: A melon/kush aroma with between 14 and 18% CBD and an 8 week response time on average.
    • Early Remedy: Combines aromas of cardamom spice and citrus rind. Vibrant flowers and CBD up to 20%.
    • Early Spectrum: Ready for harvest in early October with a CBD content of between 15 and 20% and a super-sweet aroma.
    • Early Suze: A short and stout plant with the potential to produce up to 18% CBD, all packed with large flowers.
    • Early Wu: A “classic kush” fragrance, between 14 and 18% CBD, with purple and green flowers.
  • Quik Line
    • Quik Remedy: Scents of citrus, sandalwood, and berry, along with huge CBD potential.
    • Quik Spectrum: A combination of Auto Pivot and Spectrum, with an average response time of 9 weeks. This tall plant can yield as much as 20% CBD.
    • Quick WU: Short, busy, kush-scented, and packed with up to 18% CBD.

Ordering Information

You can’t place an order through the Beacon Hemp website. It exists solely to promote the brand and its varietals. To actually place an order, you’ll need to contact them directly, either by phone or email. You’ll need to order at least 1,000 seeds and there are large discounts available for big orders, all of which require a 25% deposit.

Seeds can be shipped via USPS or UPS and payments are made via wire transfer.

Learn More

The Beacon Hemp website has a page dedicated to planting and growing tips. It’s loaded with great advice and is particularly useful for new hemp farmers.

For more information about growing, planting, and purchasing, dial 707 354 6325 from 9 am to 5 pm (PST) Monday to Friday. You can also email


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